About the FNCC


UBC’s “Victory Through Honour” pole http://tinyurl.com/megyjfb

Offered through the the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at the University of British Columbia (the iSchool@UBC), the First Nations Curriculum Concentration (FNCC) is available to students enrolled in the Master of Archival Studies, Master of Library and Information Studies or Dual degree program.

Students enter the FNCC with varying levels of knowledge pertaining to Indigenous histories and cultures, the ongoing influence of colonization and contemporary information initiatives by, with and for Indigenous peoples in British Columbia, Canada and around the world. For students with experience in these areas, the FNCC provides opportunities to deepen their understanding. Students new to these areas of scholarship and practice engage in an expansive learning experience that significantly broadens their personal and professional knowledge. For more information, please explore this site and visit the iSchool’s FNCC information page.

The program pushes you outside of your comfort zone, yet provides a space where students and academic professionals can share experiences, think critically, and voice concerns about problematic information practices.

I credit the program for introducing me to a lot of new perspectives and new people, both within and outside the iSchool.

– Helen Halbert FNCC graduate ‘ 14

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